Specialist mortgages

Mortgages for limited companies

Purchasing your buy-to-let through a limited company could save you thousands in tax relief – but before you do anything, it’s a good idea to bring in the experts. Whether you want to buy property through an existing limited company or you’re looking to start from scratch, Mortgage Matters Direct can guide you through the trickier bits.

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Mortgages for non-standard

Properties with a non-standard construction – such as timber or steel-framed buildings – may require a specialist mortgage which can be difficult to find on your own. But don’t let this put you off. Whatever your dream home looks like, we can lend a hand with finding you a non-standard construction mortgage that won’t cost the earth.

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Mortgages for residences connected to a commercial property

Whether you’re looking to buy a large-scale Bed and Breakfast or a flat above a shop, you’ll likely need to find a lender who offers a particular kind of mortgage. We’ve access to more than 23,000 mortgages and will be able to advise you on which product fits the bill, based on your own unique set of circumstances.

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Second-charge mortgages

Sometimes your current lender won’t allow you to raise your required additional borrowing and when this happens, you may need to arrange for another lender to cover the additional borrowing. When this happens, your new lender will require a second charge over your property. 

Second-charge mortgages are more common than you might think and Mortgage Matters Direct have access to some of the very best deals available.

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Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance can be very useful if you found the home you want to buy, but are yet to sell your current home. It can help you achieve your goals and aspirations.  It can also be used when you require funding quickly and don’t have the time or the property is unsuitable for a “standard” mortgage.

You may find that you have to use other assets or collateral in order to secure the required funding, but don’t worry we have access to experts that will help you understand and decide if Bridging Finance is best for you. Bear in mind that Bridging Finance can be expensive if it isn’t used for a temporary time period. If you require long term funding then there may be better options for you.

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